College Placement

When it comes to finding the right college, Tier One Tennis has a wealth of experience in putting you into position to attend some of the finest schools in the country. More than $2,500,000 in Division 1 tennis scholarships have been awarded to our students. Universities like UCLA, Duke, Texas, Vanderbilt, Georgia and Miami are just of few of the institutions that have benefited from our outstanding players. By matching a players academic and athletic needs we have been able to help our athletes maximize their fullest potential. Five of our best students have gone on to earn singles All-American status and one was a Men's NCAA singles champion. "Playing in my first NCAA Championship, it meant a lot having Robert there on the sidelines pulling for me" Andres Pedroso (2 time All American, Duke University).

Long standing relationships have been formed over the years with some of the country's best college coaches insuring a extensive network of mainstream universities. Careful research is done to keep abreast as to which collegiate programs have positions opening and which years they are becoming available. Each year, players graduate, transfer, get injured, drop out or lose ground. By keeping our ear to the ground we make sure we are current on the ever changing dynamics of college tennis.